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 NaN0 WalkMaN Repacked 49R

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PostSubyek: NaN0 WalkMaN Repacked 49R   Tue 09 Sep 2008, 12:13

NaN0 WalkMaN Repacked 49R

NaNO_Walkman Update Version
It made for fixed bugs that found on NaNO_Walkman49R

This MP is for E398/ROKR with BL 07.D0 or ROKR with BL 0A.02 only!!!

Flash program recommended: FlashBackup (version 3 or above)
Tested successfully in E398/ROKR with BL 07.D0 and ROKR with BL 0A.02

-->Always Pray & Full Backup before process!

Firmware : R373_G_0E.30.49R (original firmware)
Flex : NaN0_WalKmaN
DSP : 6237D700 mod by Me
GT/PT : GT NaN0 by Me
System Sound : NaNO sysound
DRM : Walkman Edition Edit by Me
Technology : Quad-band GSM
Language : 002E English 6 fonts

-Fixed Bugs on CG1
-Remove battery expand 6 indicator
-Fixed Java Heap 1100 (previous version got bugs on corelet)
-Speed data acces on multimedia
-Update elfpack (build use libgen 2.3 for working tunes 2.4.1)
-Change iTunes with 4.53 by Poer (edit the defaulft skin)
-Many moreRepack version updates:
- Battery life is much better
- Fixed bugs on camera capture
- Increased list suite
- Update patches
- Elfpack Build Libgen 3.5

Download the MP for complete description

Special Thx to:
- e398mod.com
- Special for All walkman series skin n DRM maker
- All motomodders in the world
- All motousers member
- All motolovers member
- Genius Russian Motomodders @ motofan.ru, motohell.com, motomodders.net, modmymoto.com, motomaniacs.web.id
- gayoe, kecap, Zh@ng-L14ng, zigot, sysmaster, montox, motomaniacs, are_goenk, Nalimen,
Ahn-jar, Mboent, Herry, Ozz, rahmattaharudin, rotiQ, Seagate, iPunk @ motolovers.or.id
- mig33's Molo (dyrtys_my_luv, motomaniacs, ketchup_aja, rokr_e1, ronnee, enslaved._.666, prince_of_the_damned,
si.zigot, dejayuzz, ianseventh, keaglez, dustin_89, redkingmaster,
last.stand, kenzonatra, rheezz, penjaga_pintu_neraka, yellow_azumi,
bunga_sefia, si_maniezt, zorvaz, shessoumaru, lanz_gie, tegezan,
ary_co_19, de_sebastian007, imander_tempur, kondhil, tx_brown, lyldans,
incubusholic, dreamteather, rocktizz, dirgonafis)
- All people who help me on this MP, sory if I can't mention one by one

Hope you enjoy this

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PostSubyek: Re: NaN0 WalkMaN Repacked 49R   Mon 29 Dec 2008, 16:21

sedot ah
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PostSubyek: Re: NaN0 WalkMaN Repacked 49R   Sun 01 Feb 2009, 16:50

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PostSubyek: Re: NaN0 WalkMaN Repacked 49R   

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NaN0 WalkMaN Repacked 49R
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